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Non-cancer lethality is based on data from the latest U.S. Census Bureau National Vital Statistics Reports. Enter the patient's age and gender.
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If 'Years since Diagnosis' is non-zero, the calculator will compute conditional survival for the patient
Tumor characteristics
Cancer lethality is based upon the combination of a number of contributing factors. You may specifiy these information below.
Tumor diameter is the largest dimension of the tumor. This calculator is verified for sizes between 0.1cm and 15.0cm
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Note: due to insufficient data on patients with 2+ nodes, these patients are projected to have similar outcomes to patients with 1 positive node
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Tumor Extension
Tumor extension is the farthest contiguous extension of the tumor from the orginating site. Please note that this calculator does NOT apply to patients with distant metastases.
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Classification:   TXNXMX       AJCC Stage: unknown
Cancer Mortality: _% 15-year cancer mortality.
(Kaplan-Meier death rate of _%)
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__ years median survival
__ years mean survival

A __-year-old woman without this cancer would have mean survival of __ years.